500W grid tie inverter, wide DC input micro inverter 15V to 60V, AC 110V , 220V for samll home solar wind power system



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1. WV series inverter has power from 200W to 600W. 
2. Wide input voltage range, 15-60VDC. 
3. Wide MPPT tracking range. 


500W grid tie inverter, wide DC input  micro inverter 15V to 60V, AC 110V , 220V for samll home solar wind power system  



Product Features:

1.Suitable for 36V/72 cells solar panels. Vmp: 35-39V, Voc: 42-46V.

2.15-60V DC wide input voltage, classification processing for different input voltages from different DC power supplies.

3.Multi-LED indicators, attractive appearance.

4.Creative MPPT tech makes efficiency higher than 99%. Reaction more sensitive and MPPT locking faster.

5.Adopting high-frequency isolation transformer, high efficiency and high security.

6.Creative circuit design and imported industrial electronic components make application efficiency higher and performance more stable.

7.Parallel modular components design (stacking use) is convenient for systems setting, flexible combination and system scalability.


The difference of MPPT solar energy grid inverter and traditional inverter is as below:

The traditional solar inverter is a bit like the manual gearbox. When the engine speed increase, while the gearbox gear don’t increase at the same time, it will definitely affect the speed of the car. For traditional inverter speaking, the parameter output power is been set in factory. It likes a car have been fixed set on fixed 1 gears, no matter how powerfully you trample accelerator, the speed of a car is limited. While have the MPPT function it will be different, it is automatically. It will automatically adjust the gears according to the engine’ speed, so it can make cars in the most gears in a reasonable efficiency standard operation. It means the MPPT controller can track the maximum power point of solar panels in real-time then express the biggest efficiency of solar panels. The higher the voltage, the more power can be output through the MPPT. Thus improve the charging efficiency. Theoretically speaking, using MPPT, the efficiency can be increased by 50% compared with the traditional inverter. But due to environmental impact and various around energy loss, the ultimate efficiency can improve 20%-30% according to our actual testing.


Parameter :

Rated Power 200W 300W 400W 500W 600W
Reconmmend usd solar panels 300W 400W 500W 600W 700W
Matched solar panel Vmp: 35-39V Voc: 42-46V
DC input voltage range 15-60V
MPPT voltage 18-48VDC
Max. DC input power 15A 20A 25A 30A 35A
AC output voltage range 120VAC(90-140VAC) OR 230VAC(190-260VAC)
Frequency Range 50Hz/60Hz
Power Factor >98.5%
THD <5%
Phase Shift <1%
Waterproof Grade Indoor design
Peak Efficiency (110V) 88% 88% 86% 85% 85%
Stable Efficiency (110V) 86% 86% 85% 84% 83%
Peak Efficiency (220V) 90% 90% 88% 88% 85%
stable Efficiency (220V) 88% 88% 86% 86% 84%
Cooling Fan
Protection Islanding; Short-circuit; Converse connection; Low voltage; Over voltage; Over temperature; etc.
Work Temperature ‘-25°C-65°C
EMC EN61000-6-3:2007 EN61000-6-1:2007
Grid Disturbance EN 50178+EN 62109-1+VDE0126-1-12
Grid Detection DIN VDE 1026 UL1741
Certificate CE
Net Weight 1.3kg
Gross Weight 1.8kg
Each Inverter Size 21x16.5x5.3cm
Packing Inner: 30x20.3x11.3cm
Outer: 42x31.5x36.5cm (6pcs/carton)


Product overview:

500W grid tie inverter, wide DC input  micro inverter 15V to 60V, AC 110V , 220V for samll home solar wind power system

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