Customs & Payment 



Import tariffs/taxes vary by country. Please check with your country's customs office to determine the tariff due, if any, upon arrival of your purchase. You will be responsible for paying this tariff. We will try our best to make a lower custmos.

I mark items as "gift" and declare a lower customs value($3-$20/pcs). If you have sepcial requirements,please noticed in the order.


Payment methods makes paying for your orders easy by providing a range of convenient payment options. Below is a guide to the different payment methods supported by, so you can choose the most appropriate payment method for you.We ship worldwide.For international customers,making payments with PayPal or Moneybookers is recommended.The payment methods we accept are:

  • We accept PayPal ( for further info) accounts can send payments to
  • We also accept Credit Card.(VISA,Mastercard,JCB,America Express,etc..)
  • Accept Skrill ( for further info)
  • T/T Bank Transfer
  • Western Union (


How to Use PayPal
1. We accept payment PAYPAL accounts to .

2. TOTAL AMOUNT DUE includes the final auction price plus S&H(Shipping and Handling). 

3. S&H will be determined based upon the SHIP TO address.

We recommend to you to pay via PayPal Online. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can visit to create an account. It's easy, safe and fast to shop online and pay by PayPal!


How to Bank Transfer Money
Go to your local bank which support international money T/T transfer, ask them. 
After you paid, please send us the bank transfer receipt by email or fax.

1. Banks often charge fees for international transfers. You are responsible for your bank's fees. It is important that you ask your bank exactly how much they will charge you for the transfer, and add this amount to the remitted total. If you do not add it, the fee will be deducted from the transferred money, and you won't have paid enough for your order. The order will be not be processed because of this.

2. If you have already made a bank payment to our bank account as described above, please allow some time for this payment to go through: 2-4 working days for the banks to complete the transaction, depending on the banks; 1 working day for Jawmall to process your payment and match it to an order; You will receive an email from Jawmall to confirm that we have process your order.

How to Transfer Money by Western Union
Please go to their website, enter your location to search and find the nearest bank, go to the bank.
Please send us related information via email or fax once you paid.

Note: Please Email your order number, the Western Union MTCN. Total amount,Sender's first and last name.Sender's address and Country. Sender's contact phone number to After you send the payment via Western Union. Only when we get this info, we will process your order.

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